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WILD Horse Australia - About Us

Our Mission Statement

At WILD Horse Australia we research and produce the latest technology in fabrics for your horse, including Insect Control, Vitality Far Infrared, Nanobon, UV protection and Anti bacterial. Specialised fabrics that work with your horse not against them. Our designs are unique so are our treatment options.


About Us

At WILD Horse Australia we are a group of dedicated experienced horse loving people that want the best for our horses.

For many years we have been designing and searching all over the world, sourcing the best quality fabrics and accessories, and the best new technologies, to offer you the best product. We strive to incorporate Style with Comfort, for your horse.

All our products are put through rigorous wear and design tests to ensure that Wild Horse Australia only produce and sell the best available product. Our hope is to always see it from the horse’s point of view. Our styles and quality are important to us. We are innovative perfectionists. With our horse’s needs and safety in mind, we are always rethinking how to make better rugs and horse products.

Our initial famous design was our Winter Zip-Neck Rug which quickly became a best seller and received countless comments from our customers on how well this design fitted their horses and how easy it was to put on. Demand was high for this rug all over Australia.

Our Range quickly expanded and after twelve years of research we are now proud to offer our Insect Control Horserug and Flymask range; along with our Vitality Treatment range - where we have utilised nature for the health of our horses; and our ever expanding Equestrian Wear range offers the latest designs incorporating style and comfort along with the latest technology in fabrics, including our exclusive Insect Control and UV protection.



WILD Horse specializes in producing effective, stylish Insect Control horsewear with an outstanding design that, once you have experienced the difference, you will never go back.


We are proud to release our new Duo Combo and Rug/Hood which is a combination of our durable Ripstop and cool Mesh. This season, we have also released a new Super Strength Mesh in Combo and Rug/Hood for those tough horses who like to rip their rugs.